Steve Leonard

Mr Steve Leonard serves as CEO of Singularity University (SU) -- a Silicon Valley based global organisation that enables leaders to understand how future technologies will impact their companies and countries, and engages those leaders to help them shape that future.

Before joining SU, Leonard created SGInnovate – a private company wholly-owned by the Singapore Government – to help entrepreneurial scientists create investable deep-tech startups.  Prior to founding SGInnovate, Leonard served as the Executive Deputy Chairman of the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), a Singapore Government statutory board overseen by the Ministry of Communications and Information. In that role, he held executive responsibility at the national level for various aspects of the information technology and telecommunications industries in Singapore.  

Prior to his government roles, Leonard was for two decades the senior executive in either Europe or Asia for several global technology companies, delivering on quarterly performance commitments made publicly to employees, customers, and shareholders.   


Roundtable: Technology & Innovation


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