Laurent Bontoux

Dr. Laurent Bontoux is a Senior Foresight Expert in the EU Joint Research Center (JRC)'s Competence Centre for Foresight. He has also been a member of the cabinet of European Vice-President Sefcovic in charge of foresight for policy.

Bontoux's daily work involves bringing future-oriented systemic thinking into EU policymaking using inclusive and participative techniques with key stakeholders.

He joined the European Commission in 1993 where he has spent the majority of his career working at the science/policy interface. His portfolios have had a particular focus on health and environmental risk assessment topics ranging from nanotechnologies and wastewater reuse to antimicrobial resistance, from endocrine disruptors to the health effects of electromagnetic fields. He also spent 6 years developing and running the JRC's work programme process.

Bontoux holds a food technology engineering degree from the Institute on the Environment, a research habilitation (DEA) from the Technological University in Compiègne as well as an MSc and Ph.D. in environmental engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.


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