Vivian Lin

Professor Vivian Lin is the Executive Associate Dean of LKS Faculty of Medicine and Professor of Public Health Practice at University Hong Kong.

She worked at WHO as Director of Health Systems in the Western Pacific Regional Office for 2013-2018, and then consulted widely for the World Bank, United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, Australian Agency for International Development, WHO and various Australian governments. She was commissioned to undertake major studies of indicators used globally for gender equity and health, on risks and regulatory requirements for naturopathy and evaluation of a health promotion leadership programme.

As a ministerial appointee, she was the inaugural president of the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria 2000-2009, a member of the Australia-China Council 2006-2009and a member of the Diary Food Safety Board of Victoria 2000-2003. She served as a health policy editor for Social Sciences and Medicine, and as a member of the International Panel on Social Progress and chaired its cross-cutting group.

A graduate of Yale and the University of California Berkeley, Lin was a recipient of the Drotman Award given by the American Public Health Association in 1982 for promising young public health professionals.


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